Mower Blades !!!

Mower Blades

Chef KnifeWorks is now Sharpening most Mower Blades

Just received a shipment of professional equipment that will allow me to correctly sharpen and then balance your lawn mower blades.

I should be able to sharpen almost all the types of blades out there with this system.

Need replacement blades due to improper sharpening or mowing – we’ve got a source for that too.

If you are unable to remove the blade(s) yourself, bring the mower to us and we will do our best to do it for you for an extra fee.

Remember – when you get your blade(s) back, they will be sharp! Note: we include a set of gloves for you to keep your hands safe when handling the blade when you are back home and installing them back on your mower.

Thank you for choosing us to keep your grass cutting cleaner and safer this season!!!

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