Getting Back2Sharp with Chef KnifeWorks

Hello there and welcome to Chef KnifeWorks – my name is Jason Littlefield and I am the owner and professional knife sharpener located in Maple Grove, MN. Working out of my home shop allows me a little freedom in how much I charge for my services. It is very convenient as my commute is pretty short! But for some people, they get confused when driving up to my house. There have been times lately I have had to run out to run errands and I am not in the shop. For this, I have a drop box located on my front porch with a red lid and a combo padlock. I have had great success with this and most customers have enjoyed the drop off and pick up process. Is your drop box secure? There has been cash, checks along with expensive knives left for me. I do have a video camera on the entire front porch and driveway. For some that feel that is not as secure as they would like, feel free to text me and I will make sure to be there in person to receive and handle your items. Perhaps I will increase the booking slot times to a greater duration to allow for my schedule to better accommodate you and your schedule. Thank you again for choosing Chef KnifeWorks to get your cutlery and culinary tools Back2Sharp.’ Book Your Knife Appointment Now Thank you, Jason

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