Commercial Knife Sharpening

Commercial Knife Sharpening

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  • Provide Steady and recurring income for not much more effort
  • Chef’s use and need sharp tools in order to do their jobs.
    • Sharp Knife produces less waste and is more efficient.
  • Could lead to more revenue as you most certainly will gain trust and then allowed to sharpen the chefs’ personal knives.


  • Culinary Schools,
  • Trade Schools,
  • Restaurants,
  • Churches,
  • Catering Companies,
  • Food Trucks,
  • FireStations
  • Grocery Stores / Butchers


  • Research the business to find out there needs / style
  • Discover the person in Charge
    • Chef, President, Owner, etc.
  • Present some of your work –
    • Drop off a “loaner” for them to try and then check back after a week (schedule this time when dropping off). Making an appointment is best but they could say no even before you drop in. I suggest a business card with a properly sharpened knife in a sleeve or saya.


  • Appointment
    • Earlier in the day – NOT DURING SERVICE (breakfast, lunch or dinner)
    • Earlier in the week – NOT WEEKENDS
  • Service
    • Weekly or Bi-Weekly (every two weeks)


  • Your Knives
    • Pros –
      • You control the type of blade and it reflects on your business
    • Cons-
      • You own the knives
      • Initial investment and cash outlay is high
      • ROI takes a little while
    • Their Knives
      • Pros –
        • Little to no cash outlay for knives
        • They are already familiar with the knives and how to use them
      • Cons –
        • You have little to no control over the shape of the blade (does it have a bolster, etc.)
        • Might take more belt / sharpening to get them corrected the 1st and 2nd time
      • Some of them might be difficult to sharpen
Commercial Knife Sharpening

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