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Need Sharp Knives For Your Restaurant??

Sharp knives are safer and keep your production yields higher with less waste.

We carry several popular brands of Professional Cutlery that will perform at peak levels longer than the competition.

Book an appointment to chat about our Knife Exchange Program (Similar to others but with better quality knives.)

Let Chef KnifeWorks – make your Chef Knives WORK !!!


Drop-Off / Pick-Up

Follow These Instructions:

  1. Give us a Call or Text (612) 567-4640 ~ OR Book and schedule an appointment time for drop off
  2. Upon arrival, you can place your wrapped items inside the dropbox
  3. I inspect your knives, develop a sharpening plan and then call or text you with a quote of services required.
  4. Next day service is usually when I can have them ready to go for you.
  5. We will call or text you as soon as your knives are finished and ready to be picked up.
  6. Payment can be made at the time of pickup (we except almost every form of payment) or we can send you an invoice for you to pay with a credit card or other electronic method.
  7. SAFELY Enjoy Your Freshly Sharpened Knives!!!

Mail In Your Knives

Follow these instructions:

  1. Place an order on our Website – use the button below to begin
  2. Complete the order with your Payment
  3. Pack up your knives and use your favorite Carrier
  4. Once we receive your order and knives, we will sharpen them immediately. Typical turn around is next day.
  5. When they are finished, we will send you an email with confirmation of return shipping, insurance for your knives and a tracking number.
  6. SAFELY Enjoy Your Freshly Sharpened Knives!!!



Give Us a Call

Click the number below to call or text

(612) 567-4640


Click the button below to Choose a time that is convenient for you to drop off your knives. Once we are alerted to your appointment, we ready the shop, grab our masks and prepare to greet you in our driveway to fetch your knives.

Start your Sharp Journey Now!

Schedule Your Drop Off

What’s on the Bench Today?

Here you will find our posts and articles related to knife sharpening, customer photos, tips & tricks, culinary recipes and a sneak peak into our shop and how we do what we do!!!

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Schedule Your Appointment Now!

Visit our booking page so you can make sure your preferred appointment time is available for you to drop off your knives. We make this as easy as possible by greeting you in the driveway wearing a mask and gather your items in a contactless tray. A quick dialogue about your knives and needs and then we are off to get the Back2Sharp...